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1. What is a nature positive approach?

A nature positive approach puts nature and biodiversity gain at the heart of decision-making and design. It goes beyond reducing and mitigating negative impacts on nature as it is a proactive and restorative approach focused on conservation, regeneration, and growth.

With over half of global GDP—around £30 trillion—depending on high functioning biodiversity, according to the World Economic Forum, early movers will benefit from new business opportunities and improved standing with customers and investors.

The Get Nature Positive campaign and supporting Nature Handbook have been created to help businesses prepare for and navigate the pioneering and global effort to change the curve of nature and biodiversity loss.

Frameworks to measure nature positive gains are in development and science-based targets for nature are expected by the end of 2022. Yet nature cannot wait. Positive action is needed urgently. While the world awaits further detail of emerging evaluation frameworks, there are many actions businesses can start taking today.

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2. What is Nature Positive 2030?

Nature Positive 2030 is the global goal to halt and reverse the catastrophic loss of nature worldwide.

Starting from a baseline of 2020, it’s a mission to increase nature’s health, abundance, diversity, and resilience to enrich biodiversity, store carbon, purify water and reduce pandemic risk.

No nature. No business. It’s that simple. Whilst formally agreed targets for nature are being developed, businesses can act now to assess impact, reduce negative consequences, and restore the natural resources our industries and society depend on.

Nature Positive 2030 is a critical milestone to achieve the climate goal to reach “net zero” emissions and reach a full recovery of Earth’s natural systems by 2050.

G7 leaders have called for Nature Positive by 2030, and the UK Govt to a nature positive future. At the international level, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is the main international forum for global cooperation on the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s biological diversity, from genetic resources to whole ecosystems. At the next CBD conference of the parties (COP), countries are due to agree on a new global framework for biodiversity to 2030.  The new global biodiversity framework will set out a transformational programme of goals and targets, on everything from sustainable use to ecosystem protection, which business will be critical in delivering. A global, whole of society approach is fundamental if we are to succeed.

Get Nature Positive and the accompanying handbook seeks to help businesses play their part in supporting the Nature Positive 2030 global goal.

3. Why Get Nature Positive now?

In May 2021, the UK government set out plans to restore nature and build back greener from the pandemic by protecting and restoring nature, tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis, and helping deliver a Net Zero equivalent for nature by 2050.

Businesses now have an opportunity – and responsibility – to start developing strategies and processes that embed reducing and mitigating negative impacts on nature and biodiversity into their core business processes and models.

By doing so now, they will be better prepared to adopt new targets and frameworks as they become available. At the same time, their efforts will contribute towards existing carbon neutrality targets – a positive by-product that makes participation a win-win.

The Net Zero carbon movement has gained huge business momentum over recent years, the time we don’t have for nature. The time to act is now.

Starting the Get Nature Positive journey with the support of the Nature Handbook is a step every business can take today.

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4. What’s involved in joining?

Businesses that join will have access to the latest news, updates, partners, and exclusive events to help you on your way.

By joining Get Nature Positive you are making a shared commitment, through the practical guidance provided by the Nature Handbook, to continuously enhance understanding of your nature-related business impacts and, in turn, identify new opportunities to advance on the journey towards nature positive action.

Signing up is a public acknowledgment of your business’s intent to be part of a journey to Get Nature Positive, regardless of what stage you’re currently at.

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5. Science-based Targets for Nature

Get Nature Positive has been started in preparation for readiness to commit to specific goals and metrics, such as the upcoming Science-based targets for nature.

Available in late 2022, the upcoming science-based targets for nature will be based on universal frameworks and biodiversity-related metrics being developed by Science-based Targets Network (SBTN), Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD), and other partners.

Companies looking to take their commitment to nature one step further can join the SBTN corporate engagement programme. This programme is available now and allows companies to co-design and develop nature science-based targets as well as to assess their impact on nature and prioritise where they need to take action to meet global and planetary boundaries.

6. Who is the team behind Get Nature Positive?

The Get Nature Positive team is a voluntary coalition of businesses all committed to restoring the natural world. Founded by the Council for Sustainable Business (CSB) commissioned by Defra, with support from Accenture, Get Nature Positive seeks to engage a broad cross-section of business and other organisational leaders including the Global Commons Alliance, UNFCCC, SBTN, Business for Nature, to build momentum on nature and biodiversity.

The CSB are commissioned by the Environment Secretary and advise Defra on how businesses can help achieve the aims of the UK Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

7. How do I join the Get Nature Positive journey?

Find out how to join the Get Nature Positive journey, by following the link below.

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Join the Get Nature Positive journey and be part of a growing community of businesses in the UK dedicated to protecting and promoting nature.
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