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Get Nature Positive

Nature needs business to take urgent action to address the loss of biodiversity and climate change. By joining the Get Nature Positive journey, you will have access to the latest news, updates, partners, and exclusive events to help you on your way.


A nature positive approach

A nature positive approach puts nature and biodiversity gain at the heart of decision-making and design.

As part of the G7 Nature Compact, the UK has committed to halt and reverse the decline of nature by 2030.

A global goal that is not only crucial to achieving net zero carbon goals, but also to sustaining the healthy ecosystem that we all depend on.

Join the Get Nature Positive journey to demonstrate the business community’s collective focus on protecting and restoring nature. Our campaign and Nature Handbook have been developed to prompt leaders to take urgent and decisive nature positive action.

Land left burnt by bushfires and people planting trees on it

How do I get involved?

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