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Atyla ship Foundation: Wind-powered adventure holidays

An adventure powered by nature.

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What we know

We’re trying to reduce the pollution generated by our holiday choices, by offering an alternative: Our adventure sailing trips are wind-powered. On board we try to reduce the impact of each individual on board, both during the trip (with sustainable practices regarding food, waste, energy, supply) and in the long term (by raising awareness among our participants and the people that visit the ship).

What we’re doing

We sail with the engine turned off as much as we can (all the time if there is enough wind along the route). We created protocols to reduce the impact of our actions on every level possible. We recruited a team that is passionate about environmentalism, so that every action on board is thought in terms of sustainability, despite protocols.

What it’s worth

Our holidays have on average a 39% lesser impact on nature than a regular city holiday staying at a hotel, and 165% less impact than a holiday on a cruise ship.


“By putting real effort into being sustainable you create a strong sense of belonging among your stakeholders, and this is crucial to creating a community and influencing people’s mentality, which in turn multiplies your impact.”

Alfonso Garzón COO