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Authenticitys: Nature-Positive Activities for Urban Tourists




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What we know

Tourism comprises a key economic driver of growth in many urban areas, benefitting the local economy. However, when not properly managed, tourism can be linked to harmful effects on local environments – in particular, increases in pollution, over-exploitation and land use change.

What we’re doing

Authenticitys is taking action to preserve biodiversity in popular tourist areas with an abundance of natural beauty such as Barcelona, Bali and Mexico City. Through offering a wide array of nature-positive activities that give guests an exciting, authentic local experience and upskills them on biodiversity topics, increasing awareness and demonstrating the art of the possible in sustainable living. By putting regeneration at the centre of their business model they prove that businesses can drive sales by contributing to their local communities. Some examples of this include:

• Paddle surfing lessons with a beach and plastic clean up
• KM0 and local food experiences
• Urban agriculture garden experience with activities and tastings of local produce
• Sustainable fashion tours

What it’s worth

Over the course of 8 years, Authenticitys have established +100 different sustainable tourism activities across 25 countries and 3 continents. Please see our social impact report in our webpage.


A regenerative mindset moves your focus from problems to potential, from mere function to roles in a more extensive system. Regeneration is not a new formula for business, but an invitation to reimagine what a whole ecosystem could become. With the urgency of climate change, institutions failing, and an impending global crisis, what’s next is perhaps a deep exploration that would require us to shift our perspective and reconnect to the roots of nature and humanity.

Elena Rodriguez Blanco Co-founder & CEO