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FatFace Carbon Programme

Partnering with the National Forest Company to support sustainability goals

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What we know

FatFace, the British lifestyle clothing and accessories company, is committed to sustainability and working to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025 – an important staging post in its plan to eventually become a carbon positive business.

The roadmap for achieving this – its Product, Planet and Community strategy – includes a carbon reduction and sequestration programme that also improves biodiversity and enhances wellbeing in the UK.

This carbon reduction and sequestration programme is being undertaken through a partnership between the FatFace Foundation and the National Forest Company.

The National Forest Company is a charity established in 1995 to create a new forest – the National Forest – one of the country’s most ambitious and imaginative regeneration projects, embracing 200 square miles of mixed habitat forest in the Midlands [source].


What we’re doing

FatFace’s carbon reduction and sequestration programme is an innovative model for business, involving reduction in carbon emissions of at least 40% by 2025 and offsetting the remainder by planting trees and supporting carbon reduction initiatives.

Waste to landfill and single use plastics are being eliminated and 100% of energy powering the head office and UK stores will be renewable.

The tree planting initiative involves planting around 60,000 trees on 40 hectares of a new 100 hectare complex with new woodland habitat creation planned to sequester around 10,000 tonnes of carbon.

This site will buffer and expand the existing neighbouring woodland and enhance habitat connectivity in the River Mease Special Area of Conservation, benefitting woodland species directly while also reducing agricultural runoff to benefit wetland species – including otters and white-clawed crayfish.

What it’s worth

Despite big challenges, including the complexity of the carbon offset market and reporting, and the Covid-19 pandemic, FatFace planting will kick off in 2021/22.

A robust carbon sequestration programme using the Woodland Carbon Code is now in place alongside a carbon reduction programme, providing delivery of benefits in the UK and securing biodiversity and wellbeing benefits whilst also reducing carbon.

The strength of the partnership behind the scheme – underpinned by the two organisations’ shared values and desire for multiple outcomes, rather than simply a transaction of money for carbon – has been a significant factor in the initiative’s success so far.

Next steps now being explored include involving staff in tree planting and involving customers in dedicating trees to encourage wider involvement in the programme.


This project is an important cornerstone of the FatFace strategy to become Carbon neutral by 2025. The National Forest are a great, like-minded partner where we have managed to create something that will make a meaningful long-term change to the environment.

Will Crumbie Chief Financial Officer, FatFace

It’s been refreshing to work with a company like FatFace that is committed to not simply ticking a box on carbon but to use the opportunity to support the creation of a new woodland, benefiting wildlife and communities for generations to come.

John Everitt Chief Executive, National Forest Company