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Flexi-Hex®: Sustainable packaging

A sustainable approach to packaging

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What we know

The world produces over 78 million tonnes of packaging waste every year, of which a shocking 91% ends up in landfill or our environment.

Poor packaging design isn’t sustainable; it creates unnecessary waste and fails to protect the product inside. But rather than dwell on the problem, we want to focus our energy on finding a solution – one that can adapt and evolve in the same way the very concept of sustainability does.

We’re not the first business to invent paper packaging. We are the first ones to design a patented honeycomb sleeve that’s as flexible as it is protective. One that’s natural, plastic-free, lightweight and thoughtfully designed with people and planet in mind.

What we’re doing

We’re on a mission to make sustainability sustainable through an innovative and thoughtfully designed packaging solution: the Flexi-Hex® sleeve.

A patented honeycomb design made from paper that helps protect products in transit with as little impact on our planet as possible. We’re constantly improving our design so it’s not only biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free; but strong, flexible and easy to use.

Being a certified B Corp means we are committed to measuring our impact and finding ways to improve our business – from our product to our culture – so we can become as regenerative as possible. How do we do this? Problem-solving through innovation. Caring about our planet. Collaborating – not just working – with our partners. Making better decisions and encouraging our community to do so too.

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What it’s worth

As a coastal business, protecting the planet’s marine environment will always be at the heart of our mission. By creating a paper product that’s recyclable, biodegradable and natural, we’re removing unnecessary plastic from our seas. It’s something we see the impact of every day. To date, we have prevented over 3,166km of plastic from the packaging industry. This is equivalent to, as the crow flies, Cornwall to Turkey!  


The moment we saw Flexi-Hex we knew we were looking at the future, of not just boardsports packaging but in fact protective packaging as a whole. For us the key driver is around sustainability, the fact that Flexi-Hex offers more protection and is quicker to use for our customers are all just a bonus!”

Adam Hall Head of Sustainability, Flexi-Hex

Breakages are unheard of and our customers are happy in the knowledge that their rum will arrive safely in environmentally friendly packaging that doesn’t cost the earth!”

Philip Everett-Lyons Founder & CEO, Hattiers Rum