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Octopus Energy: National Forest partnership

Partnering with the National Forest Company to support sustainability goals

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What we know

British energy company Octopus Energy has been operating since 2016 with a mission to provide energy that is good for people and the planet.

The philosophy is a technology-led approach to help deliver high-quality customer service and a transparent approach to pricing.

The company is continually innovating, using custom-built technology to respond to the challenges of energy supply to domestic and business customers. It now supplies energy for over 3 million customers and businesses through the UK, with its electricity supplied from 100% renewable sources including, solar, wind and hydro.    

With a key regional office in Leicester, Octopus are right on the doorstep of the National Forest and have a proven track record of creating innovative energy generation schemes such as ‘Leicester Business Power’ which support local communities whilst also enabling local businesses to lower their carbon emissions.

This programme builds on these strengths with a partnership between Octopus Energy and the National Forest Company.

The National Forest Company, established in 1995, is a charity responsible for the creation of a new forest – the National Forest – one of the country’s most ambitious and imaginative regeneration projects, embracing 200 square miles of mixed habitat forest in the Midlands.[1]

What we’re doing

Octopus Energy Generation is focused on using technology to support the creation of renewable energy that will benefit the local community.

The strategy looks to explore how wind, solar PV, battery storage and other renewable technologies can be used to generate energy locally whilst ensuring that those communities living closest to this new infrastructure benefit the most.

The partnership will develop this strategy further by green-lighting green energy projects in the National Forest which demonstrate how renewable generation, consumer affordability, environmental enhancement and community benefit can all be included in one product, providing a model for a sustainable low carbon future.

Projects will look to follow a set of principles that go far beyond existing planning requirements to demonstrate true innovation; at least 40% of sites identified for development will be allocated for new woodland and habitat creation, the development footprint itself will include green measures, local communities as well as businesses will benefit from new generation, and projects will provide public access to enhance community reach and engagement.

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What it’s worth

The partnership draws on the strengths of the National Forest Company in integrating environmental benefits from forest creation, with economic diversification of land and community benefits from woodlands, together with Octopus Energy’s drive to provide greater access and social benefits from renewable energy projects.

Detailed mapping work, local knowledge and existing networks within the landowning community will help the partnership identify sites that will bring maximum social, environmental and economic benefits. A number of potential sites have already been identified and feasibility work is now underway to explore future options.

Octopus has already demonstrated their commitment to innovation in the National Forest, supporting the Timber Festival 2021 by bringing renewable energy to the outdoor event and helping to reduce the fuel used over the weekend by 18%.


It is incredibly exciting to be working with the National Forest to explore local generation in the Midlands that will enhance work to protect the local environment. Innovative partnerships like these are advancing the green agenda and closing the loop on a completely decentralised energy system from generation to supply - making energy local, trustworthy, green and immediate In undertaking these works as we do, we’re supporting the local economy, increasing biodiversity and connecting with nature; aims which are at the heart of our vision of creating a more sustainable society.”

Zoisa North-Bond CEO, Octopus Energy Generation

Partnering with a provider like Octopus Energy is a chance to pilot the next generation of energy projects that are not only renewable but are decentralised, rooted in the community and can have a positive impact on the local environment.

John Everitt Chief Executive, National Forest