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Use this page to learn more about forums, initiatives and work being done across the business community to get nature positive.

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Government nature strategies, policies and measures

The UK government is continuously publishing strategies, passing legislation and introducing new measures relating to nature.

Understandably it can be hard to keep track, so click below to see a clear subset of all of those that are relevant to business. They are broken down into various categories, and include the Environment Act, the 25 Year Environment Plan and the Glover Review amongst others. There is also a timeline of upcoming changes to look out for.

Learn more about government nature strategies, policies and measures

Cross-industry nature coalitions and initiatives

Inevitably, there are new nature-related forums, coalitions and initiatives popping up in the business community and beyond. 

It can be difficult to distinguish between them, understand how to interact with them and which are the most relevant to your business operations. Click below to learn more and get in contact.

Learn more about cross-industry nature coalitions and initiatives

Financing Opportunities

The finance sector is stepping up to support the funding of nature recovery projects in the UK and elsewhere.

A number of these are outlined through the link below, giving you the opportunity to collaborate and join biodiversity platforms and initiatives relating to finance.

Learn more about financing Opportunities

Sector-specific forums and resources

Here, you can find a breakdown of various sector-specific forums and resources have nature and biodiversity on their radar.

For some, it’s a primary focus, and others are looking to see how it can be incorporated into the operations of themselves and their members. Many of these are also mentioned in the sector chapter actions, which are linked in each sector page.

Learn more about sector-specific forums and resources
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