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CEO’s Perspective

John Murphy, CEO Murphy Group

Our industry has come a long way in its approach to managing environmental risk, reusing waste, protecting water sources, and preventing noise and atmospheric pollution. But there is recognition that there is more we can do from the outset of projects to minimise the environmental impact and the production of waste.

By encouraging a circular economy, by actively engaging and sharing best practice on waste management, environmental mitigation measures, and the reuse of materials. A benefit to this will be a reduction in cost and an improvement in productivity.

To deliver on the commitments of carbon neutrality and nature net positive requires a greater level of collaboration across the industry, clients, designers, planners, and contractors aligning around a common goal of improving the environment for future generations. Clearly, we need to work closer together as early as we can in the project life cycle to embrace the benefits of planning for low carbon projects and promoting a nature positive approach from the outset.

The leaders of our industry today need to collectively bring the required level of stewardship to this subject to ensure our businesses are aligned on the need to reduce carbon emissions whilst simultaneously promoting a nature net positive approach. The potential future talent we need to attract to drive our industry forward demands us to demonstrate how we are benefitting society not just through our rhetoric but also through our actions. Our industry will be at the forefront of the projects required to deliver the net carbon zero 2050 commitment, and we will also be required to support the devastating impact of climate change, it is important we work together to deliver a difference.

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