Invasive species

Invasive non-native plant and animal species are the second greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide.

What's going on

Considerations around the introduction of Invasive Non-native Species is an integral part of planning within the Environmental Services sector. And for the most part it is obligated as part of planning permission.

Sites should be appropriately assessed, with the guidance of external experts, on what the INNS risks are. And should any be identified a full action plan should be enacted.

Ecological management plans are mandated on any land development over one hectare of green space.

INNS pose a threat when undertaking site restoration. Without consideration of lighting, mowing regimes, and insecticide usage, INNS can take hold. So, the focus most always be on native fauna and flora when working on site restoration and boundary planting.



Getting nature positive

Inspired by efforts now underway, we’re suggesting some specific actions to help you on your journey to getting nature positive.

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