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Tourism and pollution.

What’s going on?

There are many different types of pollution depending on the location, how it is used for tourism, and the local regulations that are used to manage it. Water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution, and light and noise pollution are some good examples:

  • Solid waste pollution (including plastic) from using tourist facilities including accommodation and visitor attractions; tourist littering and infrastructure development (including construction).
  • Noise and light pollution from built-up marinas and hotel resorts can affect reproduction cycles by forcing native species from their natural habitats.
  • Water pollution from some hotel resorts can affect the natural balance in fresh-water sources and surrounding marine ecosystems.
  • Sewage waste from hotels, resorts, visitor attractions and more can suffocate fish, shellfish, coral reefs, and other marine life because it causes surplus nitrogen and phosphorous, which promotes excess algae reducing oxygen levels in the water.
Polluting cruise ship in harbour

Get nature positive

We need business, in every area of tourism, to understand the impact of pollution and how it affects biodiversity in nature, both locally and globally.

Explore the actions your business can take to get nature positive.

Explore actions for nature

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Explore the actions your business can take to get nature positive.
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