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Invasive species

The spread of invasive non-native species and diseases are intensified by the movement of water.

What’s going on?

Invasive non-native species (INNS) and related diseases are a growing problem worldwide. The spread of both is intensified by the movement of water.

By negatively impacting native species, INNS can change habitats and threaten whole ecosystems. By disrupting native ecosystems and wildlife, they create competition for food and habitat for native species.

They can quickly become dominant, challenging diversity, and the spread of disease can have a devastating effect. All of this can cause serious problems to the environment and economy.

In the UK – where non-native invasive mussels, crayfish, and plants pose a particular challenge – some water companies are playing a leading role in the battle against INNS, especially in water environments.

Bird eating shrimp

Get nature positive

Water companies can help address the INNS problem by fostering diversity in animal and plant species and tackling the INNS threat head-on through a variety of actions.

Inspired by those efforts, we’re suggesting some specific actions to help you on your journey to getting nature positive.

Actions for nature
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Take action

Explore the actions your business can take to get nature positive.
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