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Land use change

The health of our rivers reflects the health of the land that surrounds them.

What’s going on?

Land use has a major effect on river water quality.

Woodland, healthy peatland, and other natural environments, for example, soak up rainwater and then release it slowly and healthily into streams and rivers.

However, rainwater from urban sprawl, intensively farmed fields, and industrial land often includes large amounts of pollution and flows into rivers quickly. The impact can be devastating.

Aerial shot of dried up river

Get nature positive

We can improve the health of our rivers by making relatively straightforward changes to how we use land – changes that have many knock-on environmental and economic benefits.

Many water companies are at the forefront of working with farmers and others to restore nature to everyone’s benefit.

Inspired by the steps leading water companies are already taking, we’ve compiled suggested actions to help you on your journey to nature positivity.

Actions for nature
Dried up lake

Take action

Explore the actions your business can take to get nature positive.
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